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Q: What is the ACT?

A: The ACT is a comprehensive 'high school graduation' exam, testing the following areas:

  • English

  • Math (Pre-Algebra through Pre-Calculus)

  • Reading

  • Science

  • Writing

Q: How does CollegePrep MT help my teen prepare for the ACT?

Did you know . . . ?

All Montana juniors take the ACT in the spring of junior year. This test is part of their state and national testing requirements, but students can also use this test for their college admissions process. Now, more than ever, the ACT scores are the most important test your high school student will take in preparing for college.

A: We use proven techniques to fully prepare students for all sections of the ACT. After working with over 2,300 students over the past 16+ years, we know which techniques work for which students. Private tutoring sessions are completely customized for individual students' strengths and weaknesses.

Q: How long does my teen need to prepare for the ACT?

A: Each student is different, and sessions are completely customized. Typically students will prepare for 10-11 weeks to be fully prepared for the upcoming ACT. Some students need more or less time to prepare and a custom plan will be developed as students move through the first few weeks of our program.

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