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Preparing to apply and applying to college is more complex than ever...
CollegePrep MT helps families in all stages of the college preparation process.



College Application


​Freshman, Sophomore & Junior Year Planning

  • Academic Course Selection

  • Extra-Curricular Recommendations

  • Resume Building

  • College Entrance Exam Selection (SAT vs. ACT)​

  • SAT and ACT Tutoring

  • SAT Subject Test Suggestion/Evaluation and Timeline

College Selection and Career Advising

  • Student/Parent Interview to Determine College Expectations and Career Goals

  • Personalized College Search Based on Specific Criteria (location, campus size and type, tuition, etc.)

  • Comprehensive List of Recommended Colleges (including safety, target, and reach schools)

  • Determine Potential Majors and Future Career Options Based on Interests and Experience


College Application Completion

  • Deadline Management

  • Letters of Recommendation Timeline and Follow-Up

  • Thorough Guidance and Assistance with Application Completion (Common Application, Supplements,     and School-Specific Applications)

  • Preparation of High School Guidance Forms and Transcript Requests

  • Application Review

  • Completion Checklist


College Essay Advising

  • Topic Brainstorming for Common Application Personal Statement and Supplemental Essays

  • Content Revising, Editing, and Proof Reading

College Interview Preparation

  • Interview Techniques 

  • Question/Answer Preparation,

  • Mock Interview, Critique, Follow-Up

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