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Here's what parents and students have to say about working with CollegePrep MT . . .

I first became aware of CollegePrep MT’s services when my high school students needed tutoring for their honors math class in their junior year of high school. She was very helpful, very encouraging and flexible to be able to meet with them when they thought they most needed it.  Eventually they also went to Kelli for ACT tutoring.  She tailored their sessions to the areas they needed most help.  She assigned practice tests and also helped them learn how to manage their time.  In addition, she has worked with my students to help them figure out the colleges they want to apply to, helped them to organize their college applications, brainstorm and edit their essays, helped them meet deadlines for teacher recommendations and application deadlines, and also helped them to organize Skype interviews.  They respond very well to her and it has taken so much of the stress out of the process for our family.   She really has been able to get the best out of them and I could not be more appreciative and grateful. She is very professional but my students feel very comfortable with her. The Great Falls community is lucky to have someone with her expertise here!


Boston College

Wake Forest College

Villanova University 

My twins had the opportunity to work with CollegePrep MT over the last few months as they prepared for the ACT. I cannot say enough about our experience and both my children did great on the test and their results speak for themselves. There is no greater gift than to invest in your children's education. We are continuing to work with Kelli during the application process.  As a parent of two seniors Kelli has guided my children in making one of the biggest decisions in their life.  Kelli’s knowledge and experience has made this entire process stress free!​



Univ. of Montana-Tech (Presidential Scholar)

Montana StateUniversity 

CollegePrep MT was an invaluable resource for my daughter and our family as we began our search for a suitable college.  Kelli was there every step of the way for my daughter and worked directly with her taking the time to find out what she was looking for in a college.  She helped her get applications ready, essays written, and all paperwork submitted on time.   The service was worth every penny we spent as it allowed us to take a step back and let our daughter start to make some of her own decisions. After her list of schools was complete we worked with Luke figuring out which financial aid forms we needed to submit to each school and which schools historically provided the best financial aid.  He assisted us in figuring out financially things we could do to help finance her education.  Both Kelli and Luke are conscientious individuals and are very good at what they do.



Tufts University

"With help from CollegePrep MT, our daughter raised her ACT score from a 30 as a Junior to 33 as a Senior, which is difficult to accomplish. We anticipate this paying off in the form of merit-based scholarships!"


Montana State University

After taking my first ACT and being less than unhappy about my score and hearing the name Kelli MacDonald many times, my mom scheduled my first lesson and it went better than I had ever hoped! A few months and many practice tests later, I had another chance to perform and scored five points higher thanks to Kelli and her foolproof tips and tricks. She made me significantly more confident and made sure I was completely prepared for test day in every way! I would highly recommend CollegePrep MT!




My experience with CollegePrep MT was a very successful one! My use of their resources was to help prepare for the ACT and also improve my score. Kelli was extremely helpful and easy to learn from. My very first session was welcoming and focused on my goal of performing well on the ACT. From my practice test to taking my final ACT Kelli's tips and tricks aided me in improving my score 10 points! Undeniably I would not have received the score I did without her help, I recommend her services to everyone who thinks they are in need of educational assistance. Not only did she help me with ACT preparation, Kelli is also helping me apply to schools and for scholarships with greater confidence. I am very appreciative of Kelli and how much she has helped me!



Taking the ACT and preparing for college is a scary thing! Kelli’s tricks and methods are tailor made for each individual as she learns your tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses.  As she tracks your scores, it is easy to see that every bit of practice brings substantial improvements. A once complex, confusing test becomes something simple that you can take with confidence. I am truly grateful for Kelli’s help not only in preparing me for the ACT, but also in providing vital information about colleges, deadlines, and scholarships. There is no doubt that any student who works with her will leave with enhanced skills and necessary experience.


Working with CollegePrep MT is the best thing I've done for my future. From ACT prep to college applications, Kelli has helped me every step of the way. Hours of college applications that would have been stressful and confusing on my own, she made painless and easy. I always look forward to our sessions and Kelli's bright positive attitude!


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