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College Expense Planning

Most families will spend more money in the paying-for-college years than any other time in their life. Because the costs are so high, it is important to find the most efficient way to fund college. In order to do this, though, we must understand the rules of the game.






Provide a brief history of the cost of college
Show how to project the actual cost of college
Educate you on the methods for saving for college; where to save and how that 
affects      your financial aid eligibility
Dispel myths surrounding aid qualification
Outline important formulas used to determine aid
Understand how the FAFSA looks at your family’s assets when determining award              amounts
Strategies to help maximize aid eligibility
Itemize the process for developing a good plan
Answer the question, “Is public truly cheaper than private?”
Look at the different sources for borrowing for college
Review the most common mistakes families make in saving and paying for college

Assist filling out the FAFSA and CSS Profile (if needed)

Help to avoid jeopardizing retirement to pay for college​


How do we help families?

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